lorena and adriana

Regarding those dangerous children's readings, I wish to tell you about the Mickey Mouse magazine. But not a generic issue, the one of Christmas of 1988; the one that portrayed the Happy Holiday BarbieĀ® doll... Happy Holiday that my jolly fellow husband (at that time we were only engaged) had the brilliant idea to gave her to me as a Xmas present.

Since then my BarbieĀ® collection has grown over 250 dolls and, if not enough, since 1999 I've started my customizing adventure with my mom Adriana. It was fantastic to start again playing toghether with dolls and to become, toghether, Cats'n'Dolls.

Over ten years have passed since then, we went thru some very exciting moments together. We won some awards in italian and US held contests, we meet many wonderful people at conventions and made new friends in the process. It's a sad thing some of them aren't with us anymore, they will be missed. But the one thing that makes us so proud of our team is that we really enjoy playing together after all this years, as mom and daughter and, mainly, as friends.

And yes, the team is still annoyed and disturbed by Mildred, a beautiful european cat, that adores to sow hair everywhere she finds fabrics and to boycott ev'ry single try to complete one doll. It isn't a case that the critter appears on our logo (she hasn't that pretty creepy look btw). The bearded one is the sitesmith, my hubby Roberto; to be honest he's even more bearded now and his hair are longer (the photo is slightly outdated...), but you know... he looks amazing on his Harley.

Welcome to catsndolls.it, I hope you'll enjoy your stay.